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to And we can not expect state aid to improve the studies of our children and we trust them because they want them to be indoctrinated by the executive, let's see if we draw some consequences of what we can do parents if we unite with the teachers and our children get an education fairer.

If we are to achieve the objectives aimed Quality Act of Teaching, from an educational perspective intelligent, only succeed if parents and educators agree on key points, agreed on principles that allow us to "speak" a same language education. If parents disagree, at least as important, when educating their children and each spouse is for free, without coordinating educational activities with the other, we know that the consequences are dire. But if for auction, the school and teachers follow a line educational and quite another to parents, what picture is presented to the learner who has a mismatch of this magnitude? LOCE "? o No

Fathers and mothers with our children establish a bond. We show that we love, we care, they can count on us. In adolescence, the relationship becomes: we lose our security, we believe that our educational methods are not working. Often it is to follow a learning process and adapt our ideas to the new situation.
is clear that we must all agree on key points or smart guidelines. The book

Intelligent Education Bernabé Tierno explains what strategies, regardless of the age and circumstances, address any problems and rule our destiny with common sense and I would drink out 20 points to take into account all parents world.

1. Love what you do and for those who do. If n or love your profession, if you do not love yourself, if you do not love the learner, the following principles will not make much sense.
2. Put great care in what you say and how you say it. Nothing builds and encouraged as much as a sensible and positive word, but nothing destroys both as an offensive word or disqualifying.
3. Make use of empathy, listening, dialogue, tell the learner at its worst that you know how you feel and you're at your side and even better if you say that you too have gone through similar situations.
4. Show your vulnerable side, human and fragile, with limitations and defects. People are "Perfect" become very distant and inimitable.
5. Remember that you do not have the whole truth, only "your truth." So, intransigence, lack of understanding and flexibility of the perfectionist can not pass safety and mental maturity.
6. Expect the best (motivation of success). Looking for something good in the worst of the learners and find it, eventually giving it to you.

7. Have faith in the worth, ability and willingness of ucando ed. What would you with your age and experience if others do not believe you can not have faith in yourself and your possibilities?
8. Avoid punishment, there are better alternatives to modify negative behaviors.
9. Acts firmly establishes limits, say "No!" when necessary. Do not hurt, but without hesitation, and supporting you in your moral authority and a desire to advise the best for the immature.
10. Allows, without fear that the student suffers the consequences of their omissions and mistakes and learn from them.
11. No person without will, without liability. Remember that teach responsibility is to educate the decision-making.
12. At some point the child should "leave the baby walkers," as you have to leave the crutches if you are cured of the sprain. I mean, as soon as possible, we must make to safeguard the children and not tell them at all times what to do, why not let them grow mentally and physically.
13. Education begins in the cradle and never ter mine. This means that we can not neglect, and each child needs us to adapt to their chronological age and maturational.
14. To educate is to give an example of the attitudes and values \u200b\u200byou want to encourage the child, but raise no less than the examples of peers that the examples of parents, including for example to recognize their own mistakes.
15. Every child and learner needs to "your" time and importance as an individual, unique and unrepeatable person is valued and cared for in a particular way.
16. Must be designed before any educational intervention can not be improvised on progress because each child is different from others, and he is different depending on the circumstances. Education serves only intelligent thought.
17. Always remember that the more simple we are not trained as educators and learners should have the humility to upgrade, keep learning and self-assessed frequently to correct our mistakes.
18. Comprehensive education that we propose to give priority to human development, the development of intellectual and moral faculties, habits, but also the spiritual dimension of the sensitivity.
19. Living together, both at home and at school, it is always crucial for the child.

have to unify criteria for the family learning environment and school learning environment are as conducive as possible to the learner.
20. Let's not lose perspective and we never mind that the purpose of education, of any educational, training is none other than the human being to give the best of himself in his own benefit and the benefit of others, but to be happy.

educate other purpose not to teach the human individual to learn to deal positively and be happy, to infect and promote the happiness in other people. Hence the importance of joy and good humor in the educator. As stated by William M. Godwin, a British politician and writer, considered one of the most important precursors liberal anarchist thought and utilitarianism:. "The real object of education, like any other moral discipline, is to engender happiness."

For Godwin, the physical work done by the man to pay its survival would be minimized because, he says, that a good part of this work is dedicated to supporting the idleness of others (perhaps the politicians and Heads of state) since the worker receives a fraction of the salary that truly belongs and also the man needs to live much less than what society demands. What does he say? Did you guess? I do.

Alfonso Marín says: I quote the following sentences, so that our deaf Government of practice:
Derek Bok (1930) Swedish writer: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." G
ilbertk English writer Gilbert 1874, "The one eternal education is this: be sufficiently sure of one thing to say it to a child."
Robert Turgot, French economist 1727, "The principle of education is to teach by example."
Erich Fromm was born in 1900. American psychoanalyst, social psychologist and philosopher, "Education is to help the child to bring to reality their skills."

Photo: Erich Fromm

Ruby Manik, contemporary Indian religious leader, "If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family."

During the early years of schooling, we note the special sensitivity of the fathers to the educational environment. Parents choose schools, take time to visit and meet the teachers, who have a close relationship. Parents and teachers are aware that this early stage in schooling are critical to the child so it is important that those close to him go giving meaning the new experience.

And this does that mean? It is desirable that the child will explain the meaning of school and learning, possibly, your son and have heard of school because his older brother he is or because you've been talking about it.

The school should be presented as a pleasant place, where it will be with other kids and learn a lot of fun. It is desirable that the child knows where your school and meet your teacher, because that will give you security. Maybe it costs to take the habit, however, if parents stay calm and we are careful not to encourage fear and insecurity, the difficulties are overcome.

course, there is no point not value school and activities that are performed on it and it's easy to escape us expressions like "I'm tired of always preparing isfraces d," "will again tour?" or "Is it ever work?". Expressions such as these, expressed frequently (it's okay if once in a while we say or comment with adults), the child can lose confidence in the school goals. And it never has to be our goal: it would throw stones at our own roof.

From the moment when our son entered the school, our educational efforts as parents becomes shared with teachers, education professionals who know. It makes sense to trust them and, of course, continue to participate in the educational process we continue to be responsible and a key part.

This process is of great importance to the role of teachers or teachers, as an adult you trust placed in them is essential to your child feel reassured by his side.

To achieve this, you should know teachers who care for you and other professionals who interact with him. Do not be afraid to talk to them whenever they deem it appropriate and try to participate in informational meetings organized in any activity that lets you know the life there. If you

you are comfortable with the education that your child is receiving, most likely he will be too. For their part, children tend to establish close relationships with their teachers, and that is very healthy.

Get out of your head And that of course nobody is going to take your place as a parent! do not be afraid that your child maintain ties with significant others is a sign of wellness. Collaborate with

teachers to give your child everything they need in their development. Then list some guidelines to follow for adequate school integration.

collaborate with faculty and provide nursery integration of the child, but also we will lay the foundation for the relationship of involvement in the child's education is maintained. If the results are satisfactory, we will leave convinced of its importance.

For its part, the child will grow in an environment where you know that adults care about him. His parents, but lso t their teachers are giving the same messages, which become reference points consistent with others that can compare thousands of messages from other sources (media, primarily .)

This will be the generation that will pay your board, remember eduquémosles therefore the best way possible and are not as educated this generation of rulers who suffer.

Happy weekend.


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